June 23, 2015 @ 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Woburn Suite, Ground Floor

NEREUS Workshop: Open Data, Restricted Data and the Library Role – Practical Cases in Economics and Social Sciences


Open Science and Open Data have become hot topics in recent years. Effective research data management is increasingly emphasised by research funders while infrastructure institutions worldwide are busy establishing various tools and services to support researchers and the research data lifecycle. How successful have been these approaches? How open could or should data be and what role(s) can libraries play to support researchers more effectively? Research indicates that infrastructure institutions see their expertise within the area of RDM. However, there are clear distinctions in how different disciplines, even within the same institution, will make use of the various available repositories.

The workshop attempts to address these issues with a particular focus on economics and social sciences. Organised by NEREUS (Network of European Libraries in Economics and Social Sciences), the first part of the workshop features presentations from several notable institutions who will discusses their experiences of establishing research data management and RD services. The presentations will highlight the various demands researchers face in this area and also the role(s) libraries can play in the administration or management of open and restricted research data. The second part of the workshop will comprise small group discussions, culminating in summary plenary discussion. The workshop is free and open but, due to limited space, registration is required.


Marc van den Beg: Nereus Supporting Research

Paul Ayris: Open Science, Open Data, researchers’ attitudes and the Library role

Sven Vlaeminck: ZBW’s role in establishing services for RDM in economics

Laurence Horton: Setting Up a Research Data Management Support Service at the LSE

Sarah Cadorel and Cynthia Pedroja: “BeQuali “: An infrastructure project for reutilisation of qualitative research in the social sciences

Paul Plaatsman: Open data, restricted data and the library role – Practical cases with regards to economics and the social sciences


Nereus report on data workshop, London 2015