June 24, 2015 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Woburn Suite, Ground Floor

DARIAH Workshop: From Digital Collections to Digital Scholarship: New Takes on Research Support


Libraries have been serving the information needs of arts and humanities researchers for many years by providing access to physical and digital collections as well as training and guidance in their discovery and use. However, as humanities researchers increasingly use digital methods in their daily work, what do libraries need to do to go beyond this traditional support and respond to these evolving needs?

Initiatives such as DARIAH, the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities, are committed to enhancing and supporting digitally-enabled research in the arts and humanities across Europe. DARIAH offers a portfolio of services and activities centred around research communities and develops a research infrastructure for sharing and sustaining digital arts and humanities knowledge. What could the role for libraries be in initiatives such as DARIAH?

How can librarians gain a better understanding of what humanities researchers need when interacting with data, creating data, annotating and mining large and complex digital collections? What are the roles for libraries in ensuring that digital outputs from humanities research can be sustained in the longer-term? How can libraries build on their existing strengths to offer valuable expertise for digital Welcomehumanities projects? What other partnerships are needed, e.g. university/faculty IT services? These are just some of the questions to be explored further in the workshop.

The session will provide insights and opportunities for discussion in the following areas:

  • •What is digital research in the humanities? What do arts and humanities researchers need to support their digital scholarship? How can digital research infrastructures and tools assist scholarly enquiry in a new way?
  • What library initiatives already exist to support the use of digital methods in humanities research? How can libraries build capacities for digital humanities research?
  • How can libraries contribute to the education and training of digital humanities students and researchers? What opportunities do the digital humanities offer for outreach beyond campus (Public History, Applied Humanities, etc.)?

Audience: This workshop intends to bring together researchers, from a range of arts and humanities disciplines, who use digital methods in their everyday work, together with library and information professionals, including library managers, liaison and subject librarians, metadata experts, digital library specialists and research data managers.

Outcomes: Increase awareness and understanding of the role of libraries in digital humanities research. Explore the possibility of developing a LIBER-DARIAH working group on digital humanities and libraries.



Lorna Hughes: Fashionably Late or Missed the Party? Gatecrashing the Digital Humanities for Libraries

Mike Mertens: Introducing DARIAH

Scaling Collaboration in the Digital Humanities

James Baker: Digital Research at the British Library Collaborating with internal and external audiences

Digital Research at the British Library

Saskia Scheltjens: Digital Humanities in the Library